The ultimate stack

Having a beautiful and functional website that exceeds your clients expectations is key, but what guarantees the consistantly fast and secure delivery of this experience to your clients is the that powers your website.

If you are curious as to how your new website is able to outperform your competition on every level, we thought we would share some of our secret ingredients.

We have been experimenting and refining the software and tools that we use to create websites since 2014. We know which themes, plugins and technologies offer the best combination of speed, security, functionality and ease of use.

Our customisation doesn't stop at the front-end of your website. We also bring this to the back-end, to put all of the technical complexities out of sight, leaving you with a clean design that helps you focus on the important work.

Here we have peeled back some of those layers to give you a sneak-peak.

Built on the worlds most popular CMS


Your website is built upon WordPress. This CMS (Content Management System) was launched in 2003 and as of writing it powers 32% of all websites on the internet. WordPress by itself is quite basic, but provides a solid platform on which to build your website.

WordPress remains the No.1 blogging platform in the world. From the moment your website is launched, you will be able to publish your own blog and news content.


The Beaver Theme

We use only premium WordPress themes. There are free themes available, but the premium theme that we use across all of our websites is maintained and supported by experienced developers and is used across hundreds of thousands of websites worldwide.


Premium Plugins

Different websites have differing requirements, but across all of our websites, there is a core suite of premium WordPress plugins that help us extend the functionality of your site. Some of the more obvious being

  • Beaver Builder - A front-end editor makes it possible for you to make simple design and content changes yourself in real-time.
  • Gravity Forms - One of the most powerful advanced form builders available. We use it to create everything from contact forms through to accepting credit card payments and integrating with marketing automation platforms.
  • Yoast SEO - Officially the No.1 SEO plugin for WordPress. Currently used on over 5 million websites worldwide, Yoast helps you optimise your website, content and blog posts for the search engines.

Behind the scenes there are several advanced plugins working hard to boost security and speed up the delivery of your website to visitors.

Plugins that we use

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Our Customised Experience

Sometimes it's the attention to detail that makes all the difference. We remove all of the unnecessary menus and options that you would see on a normal website and re-design the interface, leaving you with a clean, quick and easy design to help you stay on task without distraction. Our customers love it!

The dashboard provides a quick overview of your Google Analytics details as well as any form submissions on your website such as from a contact or order form.


What Lies Beneath ... the stack

Security Built-in

We protect your data by installing SSL certificates to ensure that all communication is encrypted.

Additional security measures include malware scanning, two factor authentication and brute force protection.

Your website will participate in a global security network where websites alert each other about new threats discovered so that they can be blocked.

Optimised for Speed

A major benefit of using the most well respected premium plugins and themes on your website is that they are very well coded, making them fast and relaible.

We take this a step further using one of the most popular premium WordPress caching solutions called WP Rocket. This compresses and optimises your website to shave seconds off the page load time.

Future-Proof Websites

What we have discussed so far are the base features of your website.

Depending on your requirements, this functionality can be extended to include eCommerce, events management, membership and learning management functionality.

Reach out to us via our contact page and we can arrange a call to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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We take care of EVERYTHING!

Rounding off our 360° solution are the services that we wrap around your website to make sure that it stays fast, secure and ready for your customers.