Website design

Our website design process begins with you, understanding the challenges and opportunities that your business faces and how we might help through the use of technology and the web.

Let's now break down the process to show how we approach a typical website project. This demonstrates how we work and collaborate with you through each stage of the project to ensure that the entire process stays fully aligned with business goals.

Our process

1. Discovery

The first step is to get to know your business, your products and services, your customers, your market, your competition and the challenges and opportunities that present themselves.

During the discovery stage, we are totally focused on extracting as much information and understanding as possible so that we can later translate this into a solution that meets specific business objectives.

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2. Explore

Here we discuss, collaborate and agree on the specifics of what the project will deliver. This includes identifying objectives that the website must meet to service the target market, the functionality that needs to be developed and how the website will be structured.

3. Design

This is the fun part, where we start to work with the design brief agreed during the Explore stage to experiment with different styles, colours and type to come up with a design direction that is in-line with the goals agreed during the 'Explore' stage.

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4. Build

At Alto, we understand that a great concept is only as good as its final execution, so we place code on an equal footing with design. Our designers and developers work together closely to ensure that the design comes to life beautifully in the build, creating digital interactions that are inviting and engaging, effective and robust.

5. Launch

Today is a BIG day! Your new website is ready to be seen by the world.

We take great care when launching your website and run through our 40 point checklist to ensure that absolutely everything is fully operational. This also includes all of the components of our 'Fully Managed Service'.

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Unlimited support and updates

Our job doesn't finish after launch. We continue to complement your website with several services that keep it running fast and secure. There are a lot of moving parts to our aftercare service, so we covered this in more detail on our Fully managed service page.

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The ultimate stack

So far we've talked about the functionality and design of your website. If your website were a car, these would be the extra features, colour and finish.

When we refer to the 'Ultimate Stack', we are referring to the engine, the chassis, the technology that sits beneath your website, driving the security and performance.