Fast and Secure websites rely on rock-sold hosting and services

Behind every great website is a powerful and fast hosting platform, a suite of complimentary services ensuring that it runs at its best and an experienced team to monitor and provide support.

Why host our own servers?

Speed is king and every second counts. According to Amazon, a page load delay of just 1 second costs them $1.6 Billion  in annual sales.

Our websites are already built for speed, but there's no point going to all that effort if we then drop your website onto cheap shared hosting.

We host client websites on our own servers in a UK data centre. We don't share our servers with anyone else and we host exclusively WordPress websites and so we can optimise them for this purpose.

If the majority of your customers are outside the UK, then we will deploy a new server for you in one of the 16 data centres that we have access to around the worldwide.

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Alto360 Content Delivery Network

Why use a Content Delivery Network?

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) helps visitors from around the world access your website faster.

Without a CDN, every visitor to your website will be served from our London data centre. Light and electricity take time to travel around the world and so a website that normally loads in 2 seconds, might take 10 seconds for a visitor in Australia.

We use the Cloudflare CDN to distribute copies of your website to 165 data centres worldwide, so that your visitors always get the fastest experience possible. Wherever they are.

Making Security a Priority

There is no shortage of people on the internet trying to take advantage of vulnerable websites and so we take security seriously. Here are some of the lengths that we go to to protect your website and your customers data.

SSL Certificate

All communication with your website is encrypted.

Daily Backups

We take full daily backups off-site to remote storage.

Maintenance Updates

We test and deploy all theme and plugin updates.

Malware Scanning

We use run daily malware scans of your website.


Cloudflare's firewall sits between your visitor and your website.

Uptime Monitoring

We check that your website is online every 5 minutes.

Restores from Backups

We can restore your website to a previous version if needed.

Two-Factor Authentication

Protect your account with two-factor authentication.

Brute Force Protection

We subscribe to an online service to help block brute force hackers.

Little details that make a BIG difference

No Limits

We won't put the brakes on your website? That's why we don't impose any limits on storage or visitors.

Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools

We will set this up for your website so that you can find out more about the visitors coming to your site.

Custom Holding Page

If this is your first website, we will create a simple custom holding page while we build your new site.

DNS Management

We look after your domain's DNS settings for you. That's one less thing for you have to look after.

Staging Site

We create your new website on a temporary domain so that your current website can stay online.

Email Delivery

We improve your website's email deliverability by using the SendGrid email service.